The Excitement of the Season

Today’s Devotional is offered by Robert and Marsha Garrett.

Luke 2.10: And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

As we begin Advent and prepare for the season, there is an event that we recall and cherish as a family. The church our family attended when our children were school age held a live nativity each year during Advent. All four of us looked forward to dressing up as a Wisemen, a shepherd, Joseph, Mary, or an angel. One angel stood next to the manger while three stood on the roof of the manger.

For the first two or three years, our daughter begged to be allowed to be one of the heavenly hosts and stand with the angels on high. She waited with anticipation each year hoping to do so. For safety reasons, we insisted she stay grounded next to baby Jesus. Finally, the time came when we as parents felt reasonably comfortable allowing her to join the heavenly host on top of the donkey’s stall. She was beyond thrilled and still speaks of that memory from her childhood.

We can only imagine the joy and excitement that the Virgin Mary experienced when the angel appeared to her to announce that she had been chosen by God to bear the promise of the only begotten son, Jesus, Emmanuel God among us, the Incarnate Word of the Lord. For centuries, the prophets had foretold the coming of the Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, the King of Kings.

Imagine how her heartfelt and the anticipation as she waited for this child, the hope of the world, to be born on that first Christmas morning. Mary was blessed among women, chosen by God to be the mother of the Christ-child. Take time to read the account concerning Mary in Luke 1: 27-35.

As we enter Advent, the season of anticipating the joy that is Christmas, let us embrace the excitement, hope, and joy that comes from celebrating the fulfillment of the promise of God’s coming to Earth and look with eager expectation to Christ’s second coming.

Prayer: Lord, help us to anticipate this season with hope and joy because of all that is possible, rather than apprehension, anxiety, and fear.