What is Your Christmas Tradition?

Today’s devotional was provided by Frankie Marks

IMG_3958Every year during the holiday season, I had a favorite story that I enjoyed reading to the students in my class at school. The lessons that it taught were invaluable!  It is a sweet story of tradition and family. My problem was being able to read it to my students without crying!

This story, The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree is written by Gloria Houston.  The author shares her story as it had been passed down from her grandmother and mother.  It takes place in the Appalachian Mountains during WW1. This touching and joyful story tells about the power of family and courage while a father is away at war.  It is a heartwarming story of sacrifice and the “miracles” only a mother could perform! God’s love is shown in the pure and simple life of a family who understood the importance of fulfilling an obligation to their church pageant with a balsam tree and an angel.

If you have not read this book, I encourage you to not miss the opportunity this season to check it out from our church library!

Dear God,
At this busy time of the year, may our traditions put you at the center of our family life as we celebrate your birth.  Amen