With You…

Last week, the NaSFC (Not always Safe For Church) comedian, Stephen Colbert, ended a video with the comment, “we do not just make The Late Show for you, but we make it with you.”

For a long time, I have welcomed the congregation to worship and thanked everyone for gathering at the beginning and end of the service. Why? Not just to be polite, though I hope I was polite. I welcome and thank you because we ministers believe that the act of worship is an act we share with the congregation. It is not just what we do for the congregation.

Worship is not a performative act; it is a shared experience.
We work hard to provide faithful worship each week, not for you, but with you.

As we consider our faith, distanced from other Christians, take a few moments to reflect on those parts of your spiritual life that you do with others, not just for others.
Notice what is missing from home.
Allow what is missing to draw you forward in hope while we await the return to our gatherings.

-chris aho


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