A Prayer for these Day

This prayer may not be the one you need today, but I suspect we all have had days when we needed one like this. I hope it is helpful in some way, along the way. 

God Bless, Chris Aho

God of all life,
when all there is in our lives
is the empty space where the beloved was
and nothing can fill it
and we want nothing to fill it
because nothing, and no one, can take the place of the beloved,
and we walk drearily through the days,
dragging one foot in front of the other,
and there is no joy in anything,
give us your strength in our sorrow,
your presence in the absence we feel,
your rest, that we may rise again to new life,
and your hope, that in death we are not divided.


God of all life,
when your people are mourning,
make us patient listeners
to the memories of happy times,
make us sensitive caregivers
so that we support but do not weaken,
make us good friends
so the we can hold the future open
for when our friends are ready to face it. Amen.
–#59 The Pattern of Our Days (prayers from Iona)


One thought on “A Prayer for these Day

  1. Dnnsherman says:

    Thanks for the prayer. We all are grieving to some degree and over different issues. These posts are very helpful to me. Dennis

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