Intercessory Prayer

Today we pray again the Pastoral Prayer from Sunday and in the middle fo the prayer, take a few moments of silence to remember all those in your life, those in our community, and those around the globe who are in need of our prayers today. 

O God, your Son remained with his disciples after his resurrection,
teaching them to love all people as neighbors.
As his disciples in this age,
we offer our prayers on behalf of the universe
in which we are privileged to live
and our neighbors with whom we share it.

Take a moment of silence now to consider the prayers you have for yourself, your family, your community, your church, and our world. Offer those prayers to the Lord before concluding the Prayers of the People with:

Open our hearts to your power moving
around us and between us and within us,
until your glory is revealed in our love of both friend and enemy,
in communities transformed by justice and compassion,
and in the healing of all that is broken.



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