Update from the Deacons – June 23, 2020

We as Church leaders know how important it is to get back to in-person worship in our beautiful sanctuary. We continue to work diligently to determine how we might gather in ways that are both meaningful and safe for all members. As a result of this work, the logistics team appointed by the deacons submits the following recommendations.
– We recommend a return to in-person/ indoor worship gatherings no sooner than August 9, 2020.
– As we approach August, the logistics team of the Deacons will review COVID-19 related local trends including the percentage of positive tests, the number of hospitalizations, and the widespread use of PPE in our community.
– Upon our opening for in-person gatherings, we will follow the guidelines being finalized by the Deacons. These guidelines include the use of masks by all who participate, limits on sanctuary and gathering room capacity, limits on physical interaction within 6 ft, and the best advice related to singing and public speaking available at that time.
Our understanding of COVID-19 and how it spreads has pushed us in ways we never imagined and as church leaders, we believe our work is to provide the best guidance we can and we believe the above recommendations help to do that.
Please contact your Deacon, Deacon Chairman, or Church Staff if you have questions or would like to follow-up on this announcement.
Finally, this is a link to the OBC In-Person Gathering Survey
This brief survey has been put together to assist the Deacons and Logistics team in gathering information from you about gathering in person. It takes less than two minutes. Please assist us in understating how you feel by filling out this brief survey and/or reaching out in person

One thought on “Update from the Deacons – June 23, 2020

  1. Jeannette Carey says:

    I know this process has taken a tremendous amount of work by the Staff and committee. I am anxious to return to church in whatever method or manner we need to do.

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