-Lynn Patiky – 2019

“There is a yearning in hearts weighed down by ancient grief and centuries of sorrow.” This is the first line of the anthem The Yearning, (words by Susan Boersma, music by Craig Courtney). We will be singing this anthem during Advent.  The words & music have been particularly meaningful to me and I hope they will speak to you also.

Yearning…it’s not a word we use in everyday conversation but I think we all yearn for many things.  There is a yearning…. for peace amid the frantic activity of this season, for simpler Christmases of the past, for loved ones that are no longer present, for something that truly satisfies our souls.

He is Emmanuel! (God with Us). The baby born in Bethlehem is the One who came to save us, that we might know Him and live forever.  This Advent let’s open our hearts anew to our Savior and Lord, knowing that He is the one that loves us more than we can imagine, the One who calls us his Beloved.  This is the reason we celebrate. It is He and He alone that can satisfy our every yearning!

The last part of the anthem states:  “There is a yearning when all our sorrows are erased and we shall see the One who placed within our hearts the yearning.”  I hope you will listen carefully to all the words when we sing this and that it will be a blessing to you as well. Emmanuel-(God is with Us)!


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