-Kyle Yarbrough, 2017

As we come to the Christmas Season I read through the Christmas Story several times before beginning this devotional and one situation kept appearing – Fear of the unknown and then angels calming message of…

For unto you a child is born.  Having a child is one of a very small number of events in your life that can truly excite and terrify you at the same time.  How am I ever going to be a good dad?  Am I ready for this?  Or the real frightening question – Is she going to be ok?

Emotionally I didn’t know how to handle that question when, during our 3rd pregnancy, we were told that there’s an abnormality with your baby’s heart and she will need intervention to survive.  I am one that likes to be in control or at least have a hand in keeping things under control, and this was the extreme opposite.

All of my efforts went into trying to find a way to change the game and gain some semblance of control. Google was my target—If I can’t find answers here then I’m out of luck.  So I started.  And there were so many possibilities of what could be wrong and the doom and gloom aspects that after about 30 minutes I stopped, put the computer away, and started praying—not for answers or truth or to make everything better.  No… for the first time I just talked and said that I knew that He was in control and that the outcome was in His plan.

Relinquishing this control brought a calming peace that I didn’t know could come under these situations.  The next few months showed me just how much God was in control when I couldn’t be; by giving us a great team of professional and personal supporters that gave the level of confidence and understanding that I wanted.  They also gave us the only material that we needed to look at for understanding; and to call with any questions.

Nothing could have prepared me for the shock, but nothing comforted me like knowing there was one source of information and someone that could help with the comprehension.  It took almost 39 years and a true-gut punch situation to truly understand this concept and relate it back to how to handle situations that are out of my control.

One Source – The Bible – is the place to go to find a truly calming peace for difficult situations.  The key to finding this calming peace however, is to go into the Bible with the openness to receive his plan and not to seek my answer.

Thank you God for loving us!  Please help us to understand that everything is in your hands and that you have a plan for us.  Please help us to trust that you have it all under control and to take the advice of the angels.

For Behold I bring you good tidings of Great JOY!!


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