Cultivate Awe

-Darcy Drake 2019

I’m sitting here in front of my Christmas tree thinking about how my two three-year-olds feel when they look at it. They must be in awe of the beauty of the ornaments they got to hang on it. And oh how lovely are the bright white lights winding around it from the top to the bottom. They’re so interested in the presents that sit beneath the tree; especially the ones that say their names. I can imagine all the questions and thoughts that are running through their heads…

“…what is this Christmas thing mommy and daddy and big sisters are making such a big fuss about? …it’s so exciting with all these decorations around the house and neighborhood and church; …we enjoy getting to see all the people who love us;…there are so many fun things we get to do at this time; …the Christmas music and movies are always on; …AND oh how we love hearing the story over and over in lots of different books about Mary and Joseph bringing baby Jesus into the world beneath the star’s light; …bedtime songs have even changed to ones that sing about this sweet baby.”

Christmas is truly a wonderful time of the year!

Lay all the “grown up” hustle and bustle aside.

Simply live in the present like a child, even just for a short moment.

Witness the beauty of what this season does…it brings us all together.

EVERY BIT of it brings us together.


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