Sunday Morning Worship Resource for October 4th, 2020

This morning our worship resource begins to change shape.
Attached below is the PDF of the worship service. Please click on the link and document to view it in its entirety.

The video resource above begins to transition our worship resources from a produced worship resource to a streamed worship service. That is why you will recognize some differences in the service. The reason for this shift in our resource is that it allows us to practice what the in-person streamed services will look and feel like when we begin to allow a small group of folks back into the sanctuary for in-person worship on October 18th.

Details about in-person worship beginning on the 18th will be in the E-News that will be published on October 6th and the Forecaster that will be dated October 9th.If you have any further questions at all, please contact the church office or drop us an email.

God Bless,Chris and the Staff


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